Apr 142016

Cincinnati old-time band, the Tillers, play the Braxton Brewery one-year anniversary in Covington, KY. (4)

Cincinnati, OH old-time band, the Tillers, played a fantastic couple of sets at the one-year anniversary for Braxton Brewery. The Tillers are one of my favorite bands out right now, their songwriting is incredible as they write authentic stories with melodies that take the song straight to your heart. Go to your local record store and pick up one of their records or cd’s.

Enjoy the photos.

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Nov 172015

Fall photo of Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

I plan a trip every October to go out and photograph the fall colors every year. Lately, I keep going back to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The scenery is beautiful, the parkway is long, and there are lots of great places to stay. My wife and I stayed at the Switzerland Inn, Balsam Mountain Inn, and the Esmeralda Inn just outside of Asheville. All three were fantastic with tons of charm, I highly recommend all three. Back to the photos – it was rainy half of the week so the mountains were filled with fog. There were times on the parkway where we could not see 20 feet in front of us. I was not able to take very many photos until later in the week when weather cleared up and I was able to see something. We had a great time and one of the hotels gave us a coupon, we might be going back soon. 😀

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Nov 072015

Photo of motorhome in Bryant Park in New York City

In August I embarked on a trip with my brother to Mystic, Connecticut to pick up an upright bass that I purchased from Upton Bass. On our way to Mystic we wanted to spend a day in New York City because we have never been there before. We got a hotel in New Jersey and took a train into the city. We had a great time but one day was not nearly enough to see everything in the Big Apple, the city is way too huge. I took my camera and did the best I could, many of these were taken on one those double-decker buses you see clogging up the streets.

The second set of pics are from the Upton Bass shop. The town of Mystic is neat little town where these guys have set up shop. They rehabbed an old barn for the shop and all their basses are made here in the U.S.A..

Enjoy the photos!

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Nov 012015
Carved Halloween pumpkin of Oogie Boogie Man from Nightmare Before Christmas photographed in the studio.

My family throws a big Halloween pumpkin carving party every year. We make the trip out to Shaw Farms and pick the good ones and take them home for prepping. We picked out designs we wanted to do and then my daughter began the grisly task of taking out the guts. The seeds are later salted and baked for future snacking.

We always do Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, and this year we aded the Oogie Boogie Man. My daughter and I photographed the pumpkins in a make-shift studio in order to start a photographic history of our work. Enjoy the photos.

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Oct 312015

Moonbow in the October night sky.

Last Sunday night before Lori and I left for the Blue Ridge Parkway, we had the pleasure of viewing a beautiful lunar rainbow. If you looked close enough that night you could see the colors. Many atmospheric conditions must be present for the moonbow to happen – usually the moon must be low in the sky, the sky must be dark, and the moon must be full and bright. The rainbow you see is the moonlight refracting off water droplets in the atmosphere. This moonbow was the first one I can remember seeing which is not saying much considering the horrible memory I have. It was fun for the whole family to see and take photos of this rare phenomenon.

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Apr 212015
Waterfall at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills at the 2015 Shoot the Hills Photo Competition.

Another fantastic weekend has come and gone. The 2015 Shoot the Hills Photo Competition was a great time to be out walking the woods of Ohio. I did not put much time into a strategy this year so some of the shots are the same familiar ones I have done before. It’s really a great time to just get out, set a tent up, and spend the weekend outside. I met old friends and made some new ones, it’s a great group of people to spend time with after the shooting is done.

Enjoy the photos!
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Dec 262014

Palm tree in Christmas lights at the Krohn Conservatory Holiday Show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After visiting the Taft Museum of Art, my wife and I headed over to Eden Park to see the Krohn Conservatory holiday show. The conservatory is a popular attraction throughout the year and especially during Christmas. They had little wooden replicas of famous Cincinnati landmarks, past and present, intermingled with poinsettias and running toy trains. The Krohn Conservatory is a must-see when you go downtown during the holidays.

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Dec 252014

Antique Christmas display at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My wife and I wanted to go downtown and enjoy some of the Christmas displays. We picked the Taft Museum of Art and the Krohn Conservatory. The Taft featured an antique Christmas decorations as well as a fantastic photo exhibit. The Taft Museum also has a great collection of paintings from different countries and they are displayed in themed rooms that are awe-inspiring. We had a great time, enjoy the photos!

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Dec 122014

Patrick Sweany plays the Southgate House Revival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ohio native Patrick Sweany is the real deal. He has been recording since the late 90’s and unfortunately I just recently discovered him. Patrick played the Southgate House in July (see pics here) and I was not going to miss his return just six months later. He plays a great mix of blues, rock, and soul. I highly recommend his latest release, Close to the Floor.

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