Apr 212015
Waterfall at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills at the 2015 Shoot the Hills Photo Competition.

Another fantastic weekend has come and gone. The 2015 Shoot the Hills Photo Competition was a great time to be out walking the woods of Ohio. I did not put much time into a strategy this year so some of the shots are the same familiar ones I have done before. It’s really a great time to just get out, set a tent up, and spend the weekend outside. I met old friends and made some new ones, it’s a great group of people to spend time with after the shooting is done.

Enjoy the photos!
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Dec 262014

Palm tree in Christmas lights at the Krohn Conservatory Holiday Show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After visiting the Taft Museum of Art, my wife and I headed over to Eden Park to see the Krohn Conservatory holiday show. The conservatory is a popular attraction throughout the year and especially during Christmas. They had little wooden replicas of famous Cincinnati landmarks, past and present, intermingled with poinsettias and running toy trains. The Krohn Conservatory is a must-see when you go downtown during the holidays.

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Dec 252014

Antique Christmas display at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My wife and I wanted to go downtown and enjoy some of the Christmas displays. We picked the Taft Museum of Art and the Krohn Conservatory. The Taft featured an antique Christmas decorations as well as a fantastic photo exhibit. The Taft Museum also has a great collection of paintings from different countries and they are displayed in themed rooms that are awe-inspiring. We had a great time, enjoy the photos!

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Dec 122014

Patrick Sweany plays the Southgate House Revival in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ohio native Patrick Sweany is the real deal. He has been recording since the late 90’s and unfortunately I just recently discovered him. Patrick played the Southgate House in July (see pics here) and I was not going to miss his return just six months later. He plays a great mix of blues, rock, and soul. I highly recommend his latest release, Close to the Floor.

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Nov 242014

Ivan Pongracic of the Madeira plays in Decatur, Georgia at Kavarna Coffeehouse for the Southern Surf Stomp (8)

The Southern Surf Stomp this month went down in Decatur, Georgia and a fantastic time was had by all! The Stomp which began in April of this year is held every month at the Kavarna Coffeehouse. Three bands are invited to play and it has proven to be a great draw for the southern surf scene. This month, Ivan Pongracic of the Space Cossacks and Madeira fame headlined along with the AmpFibians (Cincinnati) and Jeffrey Butzer & the Bicycle Eaters. I really enjoyed the range of musical styles offered Saturday night. I began the night feeling as if I was in a Parisian cafe on to blues and psychedelic drenched surf and then on to melt-your-face-hard-charging surf to bring the house down at the end of the night. I want to end my thoughts by saying Ivan is the man, he is the great ambassador of surf – past and present.

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Sep 142014

The queen and her court at the 2014 Ohio Renaissance Festival.

The 2014 Ohio Renaissance Festival is in full swing. It is that time of year fir great action, comedy, costumes, and food & drink. This year was another great time and I plan on going again taking more friends who want to see what I have been telling them about. The Kamikaze FireFlies were great and please do not miss the human chess match. Sit down and witness great action and comedy – I love it.

There are lots of photos to load up so please give yourself plenty of time to look and enjoy the spectacle of the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

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Sep 042014

Man or Astro-Man? play surf music at the Taft Theatre Ballroom in Cincinnati, Ohio. (3)

Man or Astro-Man? came to town Wednesday night and my friend and I made sure to be at the Taft Theatre Ballroom to see them. Loved the show and so did the rest of a great crowd that made it out. Man or Astro-Man played their hits as well as songs off their new album DEFCON 5…4…3…2…1

Enjoy the pics and when they come to your town, be there!

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