Jan 252014
The Buckaroo Bandits play spaghetti western instrumental rock at Mayday Northside in Cincinnati, Ohio. (1)

Fresh from their 2000 Battle of the Bands victory, the Buckaroo Bandits layed down a fantastic set of original instrumental rock. They have a great spaghetti western sound and even played a killer rendition of Apache. It’s a good day for Cincinnati – another surf/rock band to add to the stable, we are definitely looking forward to future gigs from the Buckaroo Bandits.

Enjoy the photos!

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Jan 222014

Chicago band, the Howl, play the Rake's End in Cincinnati, OH. (2)

Chicago band, the Howl, stopped at Cincinnati during their 2014 East Coast Tour. They played a relatively new music venue – The Rake’s End which is in the Brighton area of downtown Cincinnati. It was small but full of character, everyone that I talked to that night really liked Rake’s End.

The Howl played a fantastic set of rock that got the crowd up front and on their feet. What really worked for me or any other photographer for that matter, these guys aren’t shoe gazers, they really move around and put a lot of emotion into their music. Check ‘em out if you get the chance.

Enjoy the photos!

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Dec 202013
Hooker Falls in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina. (1)

Transylvania County is the wettest county in North Carolina and is known as the Land of the Waterfalls with over 250 in the area. You can find Hooker Falls here in the DuPont State Forest and it is a must-see natural attraction. In fact, when you visit Hooker Falls, you can see High Falls and Triple Falls on the same trail since all three are on the Little River. Hooker Falls is a beautiful waterfall that the producers of “Last of the Mohicans” liked enough to use it in their movie.

Enjoy the photos!

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Dec 132013

Looking Glass Falls in North Carolina in October. (1)

Yes…I still have photos to post from my October photo road trip. Here are a couple shots of Looking Glass Falls. I wish I could have included someone in the shot to show the scale of these falls which are 60 feet high. You can see Looking Glass Falls photos from the last time I was in North Carolina. Those photos looked quite different because of the record amount of rainfall.

Enjoy the photos!

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Dec 092013

Instrumental surf rock band, the Madeira, performing at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. (17)

The two nights of December 6-7, dubbed the Sonic Cataclysm, featuring five bands was put on as a celebration for one of America’s premier surf rock bands – The Madeira. While in the process of writing their next album, they decided to record a live album for their ten year anniversary. The band chose to record the album at Indy’s Melody Inn which has been home for the band for many years.

Tommy Schichtel of Goon Lagoon Recording Studios brought a crazy collection of vintage, analog gear to record the band during the two-night performance. The wait for the album to come out is going to kill me, I’m sure everyone will be pestering the band about it.

Be sure to visit Double Crown Records and check out the Madeira albums. They actually have a few that are on sale right now…act fast.

Enjoy the photos – and if you have not seen this band play live, you owe it to yourself to see one of the great surf rock bands.

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Dec 092013

Detroit, Michigan surf rock band, the Volcanos, play the Sonic cataclysm at the Melody Inn. (4)

The Volcanos, hailing from Detroit, Michigan followed the Concussions at night one of the Sonic Cataclysm. I first saw them at the 2009 Surf Rock Explosion III in Cincinnati and loved them. I have since bought both of their lp’s and have been waiting to see them again hoping the band did not break up.

The guys showed up Friday night with a new drummer and delivered a blistering set of surf rock. They are fantastic players and write great songs. I highly recommend you go to the Estrus Records website and buy their two lp’s while they are still in print. And if you don’t have a turntable…buy one!

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Dec 082013

Grand Rapids, Michigan band, the Concussions, play surf music in Indianapolis.

The Concussions who hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan kicked off the first night of the Sonic Cataclysm held at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. The guys did a great job playing great Concussions originals, spreading holiday cheer with their festive Christmas sweaters, and we were able to enjoy listening to Dick Chiclet play through a vintage Premier amplifier. You can find their cd’s through Double Crown Records.

Enjoy the photos.

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Nov 272013

Photo of Newfound Gap during October morning. (2)

On the second morning of my trip, I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 in the morning. Who does that on vacation?!? Newfound Gap was an hour and a half from Cades Cove and I wanted to be there before dawn, hence the early morning drive. My Boy Scout experience kicked in and I broke camp and was on the road by 5:00am. I could not wait to get there because I had coffee to make in the parking lot.

I arrived with plenty of time to make coffee and setup my camera. I took a few shots before the sun peeked over which resulted in the blue photo below and stuck around another hour shooting while the sun rose…beautiful. What Cades Cove lacked – fall color, Newfound Gap had in spades. Starting here at the overlook and continuing on to the other side of the mountains into Cherokee was spectacular, amazing colors for miles on end.

I wanted to finish this post with a little history. Up until 1872, Indian Gap (1.5 miles west of Newfound Gap) was recognized as the lowest pass through the Great Smoky Mountains. Arnold Henry Guyot discovered the “newfound” gap as the lowest point and it replaced Indian Gap. The Newfound Gap at 5,046 feet high is the lowest drivable pass in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Enjoy the photos I took at the Overlook and on the road heading into Cherokee on the North Carolina side.
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Nov 232013

Cades Cove in October. (6)

My first stop on the fall photo road trip was Cades Cove. I was real nervous a few weeks before leading up to the trip due to the government shutdown, a sad situation is all I’m going to say. Well lucky for me, the government got their act together and the parks opened just days before I left.

I stayed at the Cades Cove campground for two nights. I loved the campground, everything was great except for dealing with the bears. All precautions you need to take to keep from attracting bears is a pain, I would just assume to avoid bear-populated areas in the future. Then why am I in the Smoky Mountains?!? Good question, I came down for the fall leaves and I ended up timing it wrong. I came a bit early and many of the leaves had not peaked yet. It wasn’t till I went to the higher elevations like Cumberland Gap did I see the leaves in their peak fall color.

I still had a good time…enjoy the photos!

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Nov 192013

Dan Faehnle plays jazz in Cincinnati at Washington Platform. (10)

Dan Faehnle is an incredible guitarist…period. I feel very fortunate that he lives in Cincinnati and when he is home and not on tour I grab every chance possible to catch him in concert. He is presently in the band Pink Martini but still finds the time perform around town.

These photos are from an August show at the Washington Platform. Accompanying him were Mike Sharfe on bass and Tony Franklin on drums. I have seen these guys play before and everyone delivered again – great show.

Dan Faehnle has some upcoming shows here in Cincinnati before he goes back on tour with Pink Martini, come on out to hear some great jazz.

11/21/13 – The Comet
11/29/13 – Washington Platform

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