Jul 232014
Dick Dale, King of the Surf Guitar, plays instrumental surf music at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. (6)

The King of the Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, brought his show to Indianapolis Tuesday. He has been doing this for a long time (since the 50′s) and I can’t describe how cool it is to watch a living legend who is responsible for so many great things play right in front of you. Dick and his band played a great show, but not be be overshadowed, the Madeira played a fantastic set to warm up the sold-out crowd. Being a huge fan of both bands, I just sat back and listened to some great surf music going on that night and stopped momentarily to take some pics. Enjoy the photos!

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Jul 042014

Patrick Sweany plays the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky. (7)

I had the pleasure of seeing Patrick Sweany play tonight at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Kentucky. I did not know much except the few songs I heard on Pandora. I absolutely did not want to miss this this show and I’m glad I went. Patrick put on a fantastic show. He is a natural on stage and he brings along a great band to back him up. My son and I walked away amazed…Patrick is the real deal.

BTW, as I am working on this blog post, I am listening to his latest record I picked up at the show “Close to the Floor”. Great stuff, I highly recommend you pick it up. :)

Enjoy the pics!

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May 252014

The Monterreys play the 2014 Instro Summit in Durham, NC. (12)

Last and certainly not least are photos from the last night of the Instro Summit. The lineup of bands for all three days was incredible. It is an occasion not to be missed, where you can see bands from all over the country bring their own flavor of instrumental music for fans to enjoy. See you in 2015…

Killer Filler
Arrows Out
X-Rayons Reunion
16 Tons

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May 242014

Surf bands play the 2014 Instro Summit in Durham, NC. (37)

For those that missed the festival this year…I hate to rub it in but this day can never be repeated. Fanatastic performances the whole night capped off by the spectacle of Daikaiju…I’m glad I had a camera on me. :)

The Surge!
9th Wave
Crazy Aces
Atomic Mosquitos
Insect Surfers

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May 222014

Fender Showman amplifier on stage at the 2014 Instro Summit in Durham, NC. (16)

What a fantastic weekend the Instro Summit is every year. This is my second year and I can’t recommend it enough. Three days of surf music and meeting up with fellow instrumental music fans. It is a great community of guys and gals that get together every year in Durham, North Carolina. Thanks to the great Crispy Bess for all the hard work that goes into putting this festival on, love ya! Below is the list of bands the played Friday. Check back soon at the end of the post for links that take you to the rest of the images.

Gemini 13
Dom Casual
Mystery Men?
Kill, Baby…Kill!

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May 052014

Cincinnati surf band, Fronkensteen, play the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Stage before the Flying Pig Marathon. (16)

Cincinnati’s dapper surf band, Fronkensteen, entertained the public downtown on Saturday at the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Stage in Smale Park. The city was buzzing with activities over the weekend. We had the Flying Pig Marathon, Reds were hosting the Brewers, the Phantom of the Opera was playing at the Aronoff Center, and the CSO was playing Music Hall.

Fronkensteen played a great set – looking and sounding superb. Go here to see a live recording of Fugitive from the show.

Enjoy the photos!

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Apr 282014

Trillium from Hocking Hills taken at the 2014 Shoot the Hills photo competition. (13)

The 2014 Shoot the Hills photo competition was held over the weekend and it never disappoints! Leading up to the event, I was a bit rusty because I have not spent as much time with my camera as usual due to other artistic endeavors. I was still looking forward to it though, I really enjoy meeting up with my photog friends that I’m only able to see once a year besides the usual Facebook talk.

The competition began at noon Friday and it was raining. This can be a good thing because the clouds even out the light which is great for photographing waterfalls – no pesky hotspots. Besides the muddy boots and clothes on Friday, that night and during the day on Saturday, the sun broke through which gave us some dramatic lighting to use and you can see that in a few of my images.

I encourage any photographers to come out in May every year. It is a great opportunity to spend a weekend in Hocking Hills, meet with friends, and go home with some great pics. Enjoy the photos!

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Apr 202014

Flowers in bloom at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. (11)

April is the time for Zoo Blooms at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. It is tulip mania with beautiful color-popping tulips as far as the eye can see. The weather was fantastic over the weekend and the crowds were there to prove it. It’s not easy timing your visit to get the flowers in perfect bloom – too early and they have not opened up or too late and the petals start drooping.

These photos were taken in full sun which usually is not the preferred lighting but with flowers the direct sun can work to your advantage. The sun adds real nice dramatic lighting as it shines through the translucent petals and nothing like taking a photo of a sun-drenched bed of flowers…you can just feel the sunlight. :)

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Jan 252014
The Buckaroo Bandits play spaghetti western instrumental rock at Mayday Northside in Cincinnati, Ohio. (1)

Fresh from their 2000 Battle of the Bands victory, the Buckaroo Bandits layed down a fantastic set of original instrumental rock. They have a great spaghetti western sound and even played a killer rendition of Apache. It’s a good day for Cincinnati – another surf/rock band to add to the stable, we are definitely looking forward to future gigs from the Buckaroo Bandits.

Enjoy the photos!

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